Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chickety Check Ya'self

That's right! I am checking off one of me aforementioned projects. Granted it was the one that required the least amount of time, but I thought it seemed logical to start with the easy then make my way to the harder projects (that's what she said). See for yourself.

While you are already here, let me tell you about my day. How about another list?

1. Konrad ate Buddy's dog food all morning. How did I know? I a)watched him do it and b) smelled it on his breath. Sickening.

2. Konrad emptied out an ENTIRE box of CheezIts on the floor. The entire box. Nada one survived.

3. Konrad pulled off his own poopie diaper and attempted to change himself. Unfortunately unsuccessful.

4. I caught Konrad eating dough from the Butterflake Orange rolls I was making. The oven was heating, I was changing Rodney's diaper (elbow deep in doodoo, obviously) and he pulled up a chair to the counter and started eating dough.

5. Ate black beans and cheese and looked like he had been eating poop.

6. My little bro stabbed hissssself with a knife in the foot. If you don't like blood or get queasy, look away. Now. Oops, too late.

Perhaps I need to feed the kid more. Perhaps he is just hungry. Hopefully he won't eat his poopie diaper. That would be disgusting.
To all yuz out there, good night.


***LIZ*** said...

Too bad the self diaper changing was a bust. I would pay for that how to pod cast for drew.

Brian said...

Friggen hill-hairy-ass.

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

I totally want to learn how to quilt. That looks freaking awesome!!!