Wednesday, November 04, 2009

8 Weeks Old

Well, he is BONAFIDE. Yep, Bonafide. Rodney Jones Kleinman was blessed on Sunday and he looked so cute. It was fun to have him wear the same outfit that Konrad wore for his blessing. Fun and cute.

Rodney is 8 weeks old now. He is really starting to wake up. He smiles all the time now and likes talking to mommie. He complains mostly. When he is getting fussy I talk to him and he talks back to me. I love it. He likes watching his older brother, especially when he is being silly. He sure is a sweet boy!


BiggsFamily said...

Hey Emily, its your cousin Mary Ullery, I was on Autumns blog and saw your link, and hope you don't mind me blog snooping, but I did and oh my gosh your little ones are so cute. They just are adorable!!

Kaitlin said...

i can't believe he is that old already. and i was thinking that rodney really does look like konrad! i didn't see it before, but it is quite apparent now...good-looking kids, i must say.