Monday, October 19, 2009

Quilt Update

Rodney has slept throught the night for the past few nights which means that my naptime has turned into Mommie's Playtime. I have been working on my quilt today. So far these are the squares that I have finished. I still have to do two nine patch variations and one called something along the lines of a fence and something having to do with being outside of it. I call it a square within a square. Don't look too close at the patches. I failed on a few of them. Anyhowzit, I think it's coming together nicely.

Konrad is doing well. I swear the kid does something new every day. Or says something new every day. I don't think he's advanced or anything. In fact, most kids that are "advanced" are pretty normal, except for maybe Mozart. I know he's just a normal kid, but it is amazing what they pick up on and remember. For example, he is a shoe Nazi. He remembers where his shoes are at all times. You might be saying to yourself " um, they are on his hard is that to remember?" You might also be very wrong. His shoes are almost NEVER on his feet. Saturday I was sick of him taking them off and me putting them back on so I put them in my purse. We got out of the car an hour later and Brian asked where his shoes were. He says "Mama's". Oh yeah, I put them in my purse and he remembered.

Then there was the train incedent. He has a train and track that I had out back in July. He didn't really care about it so I put it up in his closet in a box. Well, last week we were at the park and a train went by. Later that afternoon he comes, grabs my hand and takes me into his room. He points up at the non descript box and says "choo choo". What? I didn't even remember that I had put that there. Oh, there's more. So, he is playing with his train and I have my sewing machine out. I guess he put the caboose in my machine case and I found it Monday night when I went to my class. The next morning he sees my machine sitting out and has a crap fit b/c his choo choo is in there and he can't get it open. He remembered from five days ago that he put his stupid train in there.

Anyways, he's a funny kid and may or may not have a little OCD/ADDHD.

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Steve and Sarah said...

I love the fabric you picked out...can't wait to see the finished product! I think my next project will ba a scriptiure case! Yours turned out so cute and I would love something other then my normal leather blah case. Kids are so funny. Thanks for sharing Konrads stories,I miss having little ones around, I am just grabbing onto every bit of Trevor I can.