Monday, October 05, 2009

My New Project

Right before I had Rodney, my friend Kayla and I signed up for a Beginning Quilting Class at Bigsby's Sewing Center. I figured that I would need something fun to do and something to get me outta the house once per week.

The first class was last week and we picked out our fabric. What is more fun than having all sorts of fabrics to browse and chose from? Absolutely nothing. Here is the fabric that I chose.
Pretty sweet, right? It is actually much harder to pick out fabric than you would think, especially if you saw some of the other people on our class. I mean, you would think that we were having them draw molecules of dihydrogen sulfide or something like that. Oh well, it is a beginning class.

So, we are making a sampler quilt and tonight I finished three squares. I must admit... it was the easiest one we are going to make. Here are our finished squares:
Yes, that is me, 4 weeks post pregnancy. Yes, I am standing in front of a gigantic wall of buttons. Yes, I have bangs again. Yes, those are bags under my eyes.
Please check back next week for an update on the quilt. We will be making a square that has 9 squares in it. They have all kinds of fancy names for these squares but I like to call 'em what they are: 9 square and the one I did tonight: three strips, not side fence post or whatever it is called.
Good Night Moon,


Artsy Aut said...

I love your fabric! There is so much awesome fabric out there, it is hard to choose! I will send you some links to my current fav's. And you look great! Love the bangs! Dont worry I have the dark eye circle problem too, seeing as how its 4:30 am and Im leaving you a comment since a certain baby decided 3:45 would be a good time to wake up! Oh well. Cant wait to see the finished quilt!!

Melissa said...

You look good, woman! Have fun quiltin! I'm jealous; I want to learn, too!

Claydens said...

Of course you have bags under your eyes, you have a newborn! Even with the bags you look awesome! Glad you are having fun.

keep klein-man said...

I want to take a quilt class. You look great!! and I do like the bangs! I am thinking of getting them again for me...