Sunday, May 03, 2009

Welcome to the Family!

Jay and Melissa welcomed William Buckley Brimhall into the world on April 10, which is also the same day that my mother celebrated her Birthday! I made them the cutest announcement and I must post it, so here goes...

I don't know when I will get to meet the little monkey, but from the looks of it, he looks a lot like a Brimhall, except of course for the dimples. We Brimhall's reserve dimples only for our butt's. But not Billy, although I am guessing he has plenty of them on his chubby little bum too. Hey, his last name is Brimhall! Congrats guys, now get to work on #2!

1 comment:

***LIZ*** said...

He is a cutie! Great job on the announcement, how did you make it? Do you guys know what you're having yet?