Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hallelujah, the Angels Sang.

Yes, we (not angels) are singing Hallelujah! I will never forget when Brian and I got married 8 years ago talking about only having 10 years of school left. An entire decade. We can officially say that that decade is down to only two more years! Wait, that gets a few more exclamation points!!!!!! Brian will be an official Doctor of Dental Surgery on Friday May 22. We are glad for this phase of school to be done. That being said, we are extremely sad to leave Denver. Here in Denver we bought our first house, got our first doggie, had our first baby and lots of other things. We will miss our beloved trails, miles and miles of running, biking and whatever else trails. We will miss the winters. I say that b/c we are going to Milwaukee where I am sure the weather is going to suck it big time. Anyhow, life goes on, and we must move forward.

Most of all, congrats to Brian! Now, get off your hiney and let's move 1063 miles next Saturday.


Ben said...

Congrats, hope all goes well in Wisconsin.

Heather said...

Congratulations Brian!! Now off to more school. Hey my some starts 10 years of ortho, he is very excited. He is missing permanent teeth which makes it all a little more difficult. We are opting for implants in the far future. poor kids. Good luck you guys.

Heather said...

son, i meant to say son, Collin, he is nine almost 10. The journey starts on the 9th of June.