Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Happy "National Puctuation Day".

Hello, folk's. I wanted to wish everyone a very-happy National Punctuation Day. I am thinking that this day, of all days should be celebrated- not only celebrated but revered. I also think that perhaps, it should be combined with National Spelling Day. You know; like Presidents' Day. I think I would throw a party and it would be a costume-party. Everybody would have to dress up like their favorite punctuation mark. Im pretty sure I would dress up like a semi;colon. Or perhaps a dash- or a comma. Those are extremely cool right now. Then I would make punctuation-themed cookies like period's- oh, that is what cookies already look like. After cookies and other yummy punctuation treat's, we would play a game of "Fix the Sentence", where we would have somebody, anybody write the simplest sentence. For example- The foxes hair looks like there's. As we did so, I your hostess would ask "What is wrong with this sentence?" To which I would get blank stare's from my party-goers.
Dont get me wrong- I am not an English major or a journalist (although I could be, am I right, am I right?) I am not really even a grammar/spelling/punctuation snob. I guess my ish is that I simply passed the 8th grade, which includes passing 8th grade English. If I remember correctly, most of that class had to do with memorizing the Getty'sBerg Address and ... Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling. If we all passed the 8th grade, why can't anyone spell or write a cohesive sentence to save they're lives? With all the blogging (thats German) that we "stay at home mom's" do, let's break down those stereo-types and show them how smart and edumacated we are. Actually, let's prove that we do read books, other than "Confession's of a Shopaholic" and "Twilight" and that we do more than watch E New's all day (although I do that too:)
Three Cheer's for National Puntuation Day! And to being edumacated!!

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Robbins Family said...

You could DEFINTELY be a journalist. I was very entertained while catching up on your blog!