Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday is DEAD.

I swear, if I hear the term "Black Friday" one more time, I am gonna do something I am sure that I will regret eventually.... Seriously. We know, we know, the day after Thanksgiving is a CRAZY shopping day. I get it. All I am saying is that it must be a slow news day b/c every time I turned on the radio that was all that was being talked about. One lady even postulated for like 10 of my precious minutes that I will never get back, that, here it is, Black Friday is to women what the SuperBowl is to men. So much for Women's Lib, right?

My (wait for it, wait for it) Black Friday story begins on Wednesday afternoon. I threw some clothes in the dryer, push the GO button, and... nothing. Brian proceeds to pull the entire dryer apart, only to give me the "it's dead" prognosis.

Thursday afternoon while awaiting Turkey dinner, I see a commercial at Sears for a W&D regularly $1300 on sale for $599 for the pair. It was too good of a deal, so I reluctantly set my alarm for 4:00 Friday morning. Next thing I know, I find myself driving to the Aurora Mall and standing in a line outside in the freezing cold. How many of these idiots could be here for a W&D? Lots. Mostly all of them.

Doors open and I know exactly where I am going. I am tenth in line!!! I look back to see that the W&D line is wrapped around the store. Ha! Patience, people, is a virtue!

I got my W&D! I was back in bed before 6:00am. But I did learn something quite valuable. As I looked around at all the morons waiting outside Sears in the freezing cold, with babies in tow, I thought, "What is wrong with people?" After a moment of reflection I realized that I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. Lessons learned, lessons learned.


Adam and Nikki said...

Gotta Love Black Friday, you were at Sears and I was at Office Depot 2 mins before the store opened and was able to get my 22" monitor. Yeah Baby, now I have blog and have 2 screens to use.

Artsy Aut said...

I heard a guy on the radio today refer to it as "Black Friday Weekend" That is ridiculous!! How about Thanksgiving weekend? I too went shopping and enjoyed the J.crew half off all clearance and 20% off everything else before noon sale. And I got W.A.L.E. PJ's for avery for 6 bucks so overall it was worth it.