Monday, October 27, 2008

I Am Still Standing...

Knock on wood. So, here is my week, in a nutshell.

1. Stress Fracture on my right foot.
2. Burn my stinkin' hand on the stove (still recovering from that one).
3. Pink eye (me and Rad)
4. And to top it all off, I got stung by a bee as Franziska and I were finishing up a bike ride down at the Cherry Creek Reservior.

But I am alive, and thank heavens for that. I wish Brian was here to see the chaos, but he was in Milwaukee (Ongonqiun for the "Good Land"- thank you Alice Cooper-Does this guy know how to party??) interviewing at Marquette and is currently in Bean Town interveiwing at Boston University. Wish us luck. We should find out in a week if Brian totally fails at life and does not get in anywhere or if he does get in. I am hoping for Bean Town. I am currently missing Finagle-A-Bagle like it's nobody's business.



Artsy Aut said...

sounds like a fun week! I so hope you get into boston! At least we would be on the same coast again. But I cant lie, the Wayne's World jokes would probably always be funny.

***LIZ*** said...

Be careful! No more brandings for you! That's exciting that Brian even got interviews right out of school, your husband is a genius! I'm sure everywhere will want him.