Monday, September 22, 2008

Had Enough of Me Yet?

Since I am on a roll posting crap, here is more crap. I have been working on this activity book during Rad's naps for the past week. I think it turned out pretty AweSoMe, but that might just be me being humble again. It actually wasn't that hard once you get through the directions that were obviously translated from some other language, not English (or witten by some old prehistoric lady with thimbles on all her fingers and little teeny, tiny glasses). Whatever. I am posting my finished AwEsoMEneSS. There you go!


Artsy Aut said...

I will never have too much of you!! I love that book, its like a cool version of what I usually see. You have awesome taste, and you know it! Im so proud

The Birch Family said...

I want to see details, it won't let me click on it, grr! Awesome book, Em!