Monday, May 05, 2008

Hello From Prescott, AZ @ the Whiskey Row

So, many of you know that I had been training for the Whiskey Row Half Marathon. When I found out I was going to have Rad a couple weeks early, I realized I would have just enough time to train for it.

Well, I am alive, that is all I can say. I started out really strong and then remembered that I hadn't even started the climb to hell. I swear, you come around this corner going straight uphill and think of course, it flattens out right after this hill. I am wrong every year. I have run this course 4 times now and have been psyched out 4 times.

Anyhow, I finished. At mile 9 I decided that I was never doing the WR ever again. That happens every year. As I crossed the finish line I told my fater-in-law Ralphie, that I was done running forever.

But- there was little Rad waiting for me at the finish line. I want him to know his mommie wasn't always a crazy old hag and that I used to be tough. Now I have pictures and a crappy little metal to prove it:) You can't really tell, but my bib # is 666. That is awesome!

Here are also some pics of Julie and myself kayaking a few hours after my race out at Watson lake. Soooooo fun!! If anybody wants to get rid of a kayak, please let me know!


Jim said...

I just spyed on you :-)

***LIZ*** said...

Great job! I can't believe you are still in such awesome shape. How much longer are you up there for? We are coming up Thursday and I would love to see Rad, ok and you too! Let me know!

Dave, Mandi and Blake said...

you are crazy and awesome! Good job- after I pop this kid out in November I'll train with you,that is if you're not pregnant by then!

Janet said...

hey Emily! Great to see/read your blog. Your son is just adorable. Congrat's on running the marathon!