Saturday, April 12, 2008

3 Month Photoshoot

Here are some pics of Konrad's three-month photoshoot. Grandma came to visit and we set up shot and got some darling pictures of little Rad. He is getting so big and has started grabbing some of his little toys. Grandma got him a little walker that we put him in and wheel him around. He can't do it himself yet, but in the next few weeks he is going to find some freedom.


Matt, Jennifer, Max and ??? said...


Matt from the old Hingham Ward. I saw your comment on our blog a few weeks ago and I never got back to you. Congratulations on the baby. That's awesome. Looks like things are going really well for you. It's funny to be able to see what people are up to now that we are all growed up. I am also glad to know that we are not the only ones that feel like we are taking sneak peeks at other people's lives through their blogs. It was good to hear from you, keep in touch.

Simon Family said...

Your little boy is so stinkin cute. Yes, I am a spy, or stalker, whichever you prefer. I'm glad I found your blog! First facebook friends, now blogging buddies, next thing you know we'll be reunited in Prescott!
Hope everything is going great.
Melissa Simon AKA Ainsa
PS Here is our blog:

The Birch Family said...

OK> Konrad is so darling! I love reading your blog! You're pretty funny! I hope I'm not one of the idiots in your posts!!

Durga said...

he is growin up fast. i haven't seen a pic since the birth announcement u emailed me Brian. Konrad's soooooo cuteeee!!!
good to see all the cool posts by u Emily. u guys look so good :)